Learning at Home for Grade 5

Monday, March 30, 2020: This is, according to our school calendar, a four day week with Good Friday off. We are also off the following week for Spring Break. Mrs. Morgan has advised us that we will observe that time away for Holy Week. I also know that students might be looking for creative things to occupy some of their time. In that spirit I am assigning things that are flexible in nature. A student can do what they can do in the four days we have this week, or they can dig deeper and expand these projects into the following week.

Written Assignments: Should be done on loose leaf paper and kept organized in a folder. They can all go in one folder to hand in, but please keep them organized by subject area.

READING AND MATH- Please continue to use i-Ready. Complete one lesson in each subject each day, for a total of 4 Reading and 4 Math this week.***Please continue to read everyday!

WRITING PROMPT- What are some of the creative ways you are staying in contact with your extended family and friends? Tell about some things that are helping you get through this strange time. Maybe there is an activity that helps, or a pet. Include how you are staying active during this time.


Project #1 Religion: Parts of the Mass

Read pp 372-374 in your textbook. You will find the parts of the Mass and explanations for what happens during each. Using that knowledge, create a children’s book that explains the Mass parts to younger children.

*I know we all have different materials at home to work with, so make the book in any way you want/can. Some may choose to do it on the computer and include pictures from an on-line source. Others may have paper and create that book with hand drawn and colored illustrations. Create the book in a way that works for you. Don’t stress! There is not a requirement for number of pages; just cover the material.

*If possible, send me a video of yourself reading the book out loud!


Project #2 Social Studies:Canada

Read in your textbook pp 652-655. Observe carefully the map on pg. 653 and notice where the provinces and territories are located.

Go to yourchildlearns.com/canada_map.htm. You will find an interactive map of Canada that you can use to learn the location of the provinces and territories. Practice them throughout the week.

Go to kidzone.ws/geography/provinces.htm. You will be able to click on all the provinces and territories and read explore them. After you look them over pick one to focus on.

Prepare a presentation for the class about your chosen area. Again, we all have different things available to us around the house. So, be creative and put your presentation together in a way that works for you. Perhaps you want to make a powerpoint presentation. Others might write notecards for presenting orally. You are welcome to use any of the printable materials available on-line. It doesn’t matter HOW you create the presentation. What matters is that you create one!

Looking For More?




Take a virtual field trip from one of the sites below! You could write about the trip and what you saw/learned/enjoyed!




For those of you who like to learn about new and different things I would suggest checking out the following free websites:

Splash Learn https://www.splashlearn.com/

National Geographic Kids https://nationalgeographic.com/

PBS Kids https://pbskids.org/

ABCya https://abcya.com/


Home Learning

Home Learning